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We lost Barney a gentle giant with an impish sense of humour. He died peacfully at 1:50 today after we took him to the vet.

We are heartbroken, its not been so long, not even a year since we lost Harvey. The Boys are back together again I guess.

I dont know what else to say........
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Norma S

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My condolences on the loss of your beloved pet, Barney. It is so difficult when we lose one of our family members and our pets ARE family. I am sure Barney is at peace.



So sorry to hear your sad news Rod,
It's always a difficult period to handle, but lets hope they can now romp about as they did, remember. :thumbsup:


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Sorry to hear your bad news mate. I know for a fact that its worse than loosing a pal.
Our pets give us everything and all they ask in return is love and affection.
I have NEVER been robbed by a pet.


master brummie
Hi Rod - I'm so sorry to hear about Barney, it is a lovely picture.
Take care and thinking of you. Mo


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Problems shared are problems halved...if only that would work with sorrow. Thinking of you and your familly.


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Rod............so sorry to here of your lose. Words cannot ease your pain,

but please know that there are many here who know just what pain you are going through.

R.I.P Barney and thank you for being in this world.


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Rod, more than sad to hear about Barney. I know "The Lads" were so very precious to you. I send my sincere condolences to you and the family.


master brummie
Hello Rod,I sincerely know how you feel I adore animals .They have been my best friends all my life.I hope with time your pain eases.Mary


They say losing a pet is like losing one of your family, and that is how it should be, to lose someone like Barney, Harvey or in my case, Molly or my dog Polo and not feel grief, would be a betrayal of a much loved friend, all true pet 'owners' know the richness and joy they bring into our lives, mine was infinately better for me having shared their all too brief lifespan, all we can do is show them just a fraction of the love, faith and trust they bestowed freely on the rest of us.
I used to see you walking your Dogs Rod, and you too Bren, all kinds of weather, wind, rain, hail or sun..I saw the joy you brought to their faces.
Certain faiths say you need a divine spirit to get into heaven.
I disagree, there would be no heaven without them..
Grieve for your much loved pet Rod, you too Brenda and Keith, but at least do one thing, console yourself with the fact that not only were you lucky to have Barney, he was lucky to have you too.
Bless you all.
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I can't add any more to what has been said, only I knew as you told me he was not well. Although on my last visit he was so lively I can hardley believe it. My deepest sympathy to you all Barney was such a treasure!


Thanks again folks.

Wendy barney was lively, he was in fact in heart failure, and had a lot of water he was not getting rid of. His fate was sealed when he began bleeding internally, later last week. All my excuses for not having him put down before melted away, I knew then that some of the listlessness we had observed was due to pain........ We hugged him as he went to sleep. Bren, Keith and I have a big empty space in our lives, I'm heartbroken.

I know we have done whats best for Barney.
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