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Barnett In Princes Row


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Gerald I was not saying that you doubted Janice findings, but all of us interested in genealogy on the forum, and Janice is one of those, often back up the others findings by a double check to reassure the member that we have covered all areas,
Different researchers use different search sites to check records and it helps to have a double check.
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Gerald , a liitle more info. about a Violet in your family.
Your Grandmother Minnie Barnett nee Curtis had a sister Violet Curtis b, 1893
she married a Thomas Gough in 1916 and they had a daughter Violet Gough in Sept qtr.1917


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Hello Alberta
Thank you very much for that info. I really now feel that you have solved the problem.
This Violet Gough must have been the one we were told was our Auntie who we were told also
had a child called Violet. All of this was before I was old enough to remember.
Many, many thanks...Gerald
Garden Gerald.

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Hi Folks,
I'm late to the party as usual. Violet Joan PRETTY, is my 8th cousin once removed. She was descended from the PRETTYs of Feckenham, Worcestershire. There are some trees on a particular website, which are poorly researched. A William PRETTY (b. 1732) was my starting point. So our work was coming forwards in time if anyone is interested.
Kind regards