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Babs Mill


maxwell bullivant

Erics picture
Very nice Eric, i had an allotment in the 70s that overlooked the pool , (yorkswood) i know housing was put on the woods, but at least Babs Mill is still there. Does anyone recall the pool becoming milk coloured for a while ? some form of pollution i think. Max
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Having been dragged up in Kingshurst, Babbs Mill is always a good memory for me, I remember it as if it was yesterday, the Pool wasn't there, just a water meadow, where Walter Townsend used to put his bullocks on, his sister used to live in the cottage. Not having been round there for a couple of years, I don't know if the old mill races are still there, they were dry but the outlines were still able to be seen, we used to spend hours down there,even swimming in the river by the bridge and catching sticklebacks in the stream and we used to spend time there at school as Yorkswood Junior was only over the hill.


master brummie
Super little painting cookie. I was looking at this mill a while ago on GE. I seem to remember it was on the Cole but am not sure.


master brummie
Rupert, you are correct in thinking its on the Cole, I live by the Cole at Fordbrige, Chelmsley Wood and its about 20 - 25 mins walk with my dogs to Babs mill, a very pleasant riversidewalk too. Eric


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Seems it was not my fault after all.... Eric removed the pic' himself so he could post up a better one... other posts now removed at Eric's request :)

formula t

master brummie
a very nice painting cookie i used to live in kingshurst years ago it was always nice to walk round the lake. we used to chat to an elderly lady who lived in that house. we also went along the path at the side of the house along the river cole ,then cut across into shard end park. also we went walking through yorkswood,it always looked good when the bluebells were out. and then nip into yorkswood social club for a drink on the way back. fond memories formula t

Anne Watton

master brummie
That's a fantastic painting Cookie. I moved to Kingshurst when I was 3. We used to walk across that bridge to visit my Nan at South Yardley. One day my Mom, my brother, me and younger brother (in a pram) were visiting my Nan in South Yardley. What a long way to walk, we lived over by the Chester Road to start with. As we crossed the bridge a gaggle of geese came running at us. My Mom and her friend who also had her children with her were hysterical and afterwards laughed so much that my Mom had an accident and had to was her undies at my Nans. I can remember seeing them hanging above the fire to dry. Anne