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Atkinsons Brewery


gone but not forgotten
JohnO, We can still sup Ansells, M & B, Banks all brewed except Aston Manor brewery out of Brum. Len.


master brummie
Lencops, I have just been looking at the pictures of the demolition of Atkinsons Brewery, unfortunately I can't open them to get a larger picture, but I am puzzled by what looks like a clock tower in the first pic. I worked at Atkinsons and knew the area for many years and can't recall anything like that, do you think it possible the photos were wrongly captioned?

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
I've just found the photograph of the brewery. We lived in the next street, Gladstone, and during a bombing raid a bomb came into the Anderson Shelter. Mom picked it up and threw it outside over the sand bags but the fumes got us so she then threw us out after the bomb. We then went to the community shelter under the brewery and it was like a big party going on. People were singing and there was a piano. Lovely memories even though it was scary times. Regards, David
Atkinson Brewery photo courtesy of Alton Douglas


gone but not forgotten
Hi tefferton
you are correct about the running water runninmg across that area under ground
a friend of mine used to run a pub down at the bottom of nechells park rd by cuckoo bridge
and he had this facility in is celler in the winter it used to run fast and rise and it would flood is celler
this channel must be from an ealy stage of life and he told me it runs across aston and nechells
you could actuly see the brook if youlike to call it when you was down the celler changing kegs you had to keep striding across it
and i beleive it also ran to ansells even akinsons in holte rd being the first brewers in line
this pub was at the time owned by the guy whom runs the hotel in acocks green
he owns alot of pubs around the country i took one of his pubs in nuneaton years ago i know him very well
when i went to this pub down nechells park he said come and look at the artesian
i was amazed that this was running freely and openly from i would have im,agined since 18800 s
have your self a cracking day best wishes astonion

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
Mikegee, my Dad's coal yard had a high wall at the back and right behind it was Queens Road and Atkinson's Brewery. Your map didn't show Gladstone Street where I was born in 1933. Number 28. Regards, David.


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I think your fathers yard at no 28 must have been the one marke din redon the 1951 map. things seem to have changed a little bit in the area even before the "clearances" of the 1960s, as can be seen on the 1889 and 1915 maps, where i have marked the same property , again in red.




David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
Hello Mikegee, thanks a million that's the place. I don't know if it's important from a historical perspective, but the entry to the coal yard facing towards Queen's Road on the left is the house I was born and grew up in, number 28, telephone East o466, the house on the right my granny lived in. Both houses were owned by my my father. The body works factory a couple of places down towards Beales Street was called 'Simmons'. Now I'm off to cry in my veggie patch and remember times long gone never to return. Regards, David.


master brummie
I have a few photos of the Atkinsons Brewery.
well more to do with it's demolition.



I remember this type of petrol pump.



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Hi, new member, so take it easy on me!

I found a jug in my hotel (an advertiser in Out Inn Brum, incidentally) that comes from Atkinsons Brewery. I'd love any information anyone could offer. It appears to be about 2 gal. in capacity. Photos below.

Jim Anderson

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Will ask my husband in the morning. He was on the brewing side at Ansells but am sure he would have sampled a pint of Atkinson's at some time. Jean.

pamela floyd

master brummie
I Remember some time ago a aunty telling my sister Irene that the Floyd family had some thing to do with Atkinsons brewery , we havent been able to find any thing up to now. pam x


master brummie
post 44, yes I regularly drank Atkinsons in the 50's at the 'top Queens', as the Queens Head was called in Queens Rd, I drank their bitter or 'half and half' (mild and bitter) and I thought it was a good brew, my Dad preferred their mild, claimed it was better than Ansells, he should know he drunk enough !!! Eric

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
I had my head stuck in a bedstead in the next street (Gladstone) when that land mine went off. Couldn't go down the shelter with a bed attached to my noggin according to Granny White. Bad night, very bad night. Kind regards, David.


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Hello all,
I've been enjoying the threads I have read about Atkinson's Brewery on here and working my way through the various ones throughout the forum.
I'm not from Birmingham myself but have family there past and present, the reason for my post is, I am wondering if anyone has any photos or information on the livery of the Brewery,
I have an interest in steam and vintage vehicles and may have an opportunity to paint and sign write a 6" model steam wagon, it may not be the type of wagon used by Atkinson's, would anyone have record of the vehicles they used? but if i can find the colours and fonts used I would like to consider it as an option.
Many Thanks