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Astwell Primary School


master brummie
Hi. Does anyone remember this school at all? I think it was situated on Hamstead Road. Seem to remember they wore a green uniform (it may have been a private school). Don't know what makes me think that, perhaps because they seemed posh and had to wear a uniform. I didn't have to do that until I went to senior school. The girls possibly had to wear straw hats and the boys caps with the school badge on.

A Sparks

master brummie
Yes, I remember the APS school as the girl who lived across the road from us (when I was a child) went there,
You are right, it was a fee paying junior school and they did wear a uniform and a straw hat in summer! I remember that she had French language lessons which seemed very exotic to me. It seemed that the pupils there generally got good 11+ passes, she went on to King Edwards girls school in Rose Hill Road.

The school in Hamstead road closed a while ago, i don't know if it exists anymore.


knowlegable brummie
My nephew atended Astwell in the late 60s at the same time as daughters of Mr D Wilkinson of the Wilkinsons Stores family,at that time i worked at the store in Villa Cross,in them days a real family store.


proper brummie kid
I remember ths school quite well as I went to it. It was called Astwell Preparatory School. I was there for a couple of years as my previous school- Handsworth Kindergarten Preparatory School was about to close down. I was removed from the school after I was given a public caning for a really minute misdemeanour. I still remember the humiliation and the feeling about the unfairness of it all now. Come to think of it, I also remember being sent to the kindergarten class to eat my lunch as I'd mixed my baked beans into my mashed potatoes to eat them. My parents sent me to our local state school in Handsworth Wood & they always said that it was the best day's work they ever did- and looking back I agree with them.


proper brummie kid
Astwell Preparatory School on ?Handsworth Road. The road crossed the Villa Road. Ran by a Miss Maxwell. I remember being taken away from the school when I was 8/9 as I had the cane across the hand in front of the senior class for saying something I hadn't actually said plus being sent down to the nursery class to have lunch because I liked mixing my baked beans with mashed potato! No, I didn't like my time there!!!!