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Aston Pictures


Gone, but not forgotten.

It did indeed become the Elbow Room, and wasn't it a Civic Restaurant before it was The Burlington?


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Kentish Brummie
Afraid I don't remember the businesses prior to it being the Elbow Room Phil. It looks like a 50s/60s building to me, but could be wrong. I only remember the club. Used to go there after the pub. Viv.


proper brummie kid
old and grey - this is probably the wrong thread but I remember that magic shop when I was living with my grandparents in bishopsgate st in the early to mid sixties. I remember the soap that turned your hands black - I gave that to my uncles to their suprise.


gone but not forgotten
yes indeed it was a couple of small little shops oringinaly close together in a little corner way tpe of the old shops and one as said there was ajoke and magic shop selling these things the couple of shops huddled together and you would side step to your right as a matter of fact if you get my drift as to be on the front face of the resturant
but orinionaly the elbow room club front doors was hugging in the corner of the side of the resturant for a couple of years
and it was up stairs and above the excisting shops ajoining until they built the next door resturant and it openendthe frontage for them
i can recall those newbuilding being rebuilt along with old woolworths store whom eventualy sold up and went to lozells rd and that pictureof wooworhsthen became pooles furnishing and eventualy pooles went and demolishes and it was a social services office of some kind of a department they had but prior to all that
in the hayday passing the old hippo ; was a series of old shops and the main one and a big one was the house of jack built
the other big shop i recall and would love to see is the big broom down on aston rd north just along from the aston cross where they had there logo
above there shop was a massive modl of a big broom there land mark ; as anybody got that picture of the giant brom above the store stuck to the wall
i would also say thanks to viv and stitch for the photo of taylors the bookie aS HE WAS MY OLD BOOKIE WHOM WHERE WHEN I WAS YOUNG WOULD WAGE MY MONEY DAILY THERE every day and i used to be a regular winner there daily thats because i was good at the studying the form
i started to study the form at a early age and with a dear old friend of mine growing up was a lad called robert goldie from hyde rd ladywood
many many years ago ; [ incidently should anybody know of the where abouts of rob ; i would dearly like to make contact with him ]
we could not go wrong any form or any track we was on the winner and gave tips to friends and family ;
my dear old mother only had a tanner in her purse left after spending her house keeping money on feeding ten kids i took her tanner for the bet at taylors
and i told her of ayaler on grand nationial day and god bless her she won at 66 /1 she cryed with excitment she never betted in her life before
and still never did for the rest of her life ;she got three jobs afterwards to raise and keep the 10 kids even thou she was in bad health
one was at wilkingsons ; [ george ] from anglesey rd gerard st ; part time the other night cleaner at Ansells head office at the cross and she done out work for a chamie leather company at aston cross which was by the corner of rocky lane and behind jelfscorner coffee shop facing buckingams the chemist on the cross
we lived up the rd from taylors on upper thomas street on the cornr at the old penny dripping cake shop in those days if anybody recalls that
after coming out of the swimming baths or in our case the public baths giant deep baths with huge big giant brass taps
where the attentant controlled the hot water for you and you hd to put the cold in yor self ;
cor god blimey they was the days ; good or ad i do not know; ? .
any way viv and stich and the forum ; thanks for the memory ; ;have a nice day ; oh incidently was any of our members at hoggs lane car boot on saturday
displaying the picture of the big clock at warstone lane ;it was in a frame and in a frame ; best wishes astonian ;; [ alan ] ;;;;


Hello Alan (astonian) it is always nice to read your interesting memories and what you add makes posting the pictures more worthwhile, and can I say that I have not heard of a "tanner" for years. Thanks again.

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
Keep em coming Stitcher, it's the only way I can keep my kids and grandkids believing the tall tales of truth from the thirties onwards. I measured out the floor plan of an Anderson Shelter in my lounge room last week and they were gobsmacked when I told them I spent the big Aston Raid in one with Granny White, Mom, Brother Harold, Sisters Joan, Berly, and Barbara. United in fear I can tell you.
If other members enjoy looking at the pictures I post, that is all the encouragement I need to carry on but we must all remember that my collection will run dry one day. That means we should all keep our eyes open for images from the past so we can carry on indefinately.

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
I've just had a ghost from the past visit me my old mom and dad. 'That 'orse wouldn't pull a greasy man out of bed Alice. Even with half a load of coal we got stuck half way up 'Olborn 'ill. Regards David.

Dave Bath

master brummie
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The Aston University was built on this area, it is Moland Street in 1938.[/QUOTE]

Stitcher, could the "main" road in this picture be the start of Aston Road at Gosta Green looking towards Aston? I don't know Moland Street.

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Moland St disappeared when they built the first stage of what was then Gosta Green Technical College.Dek


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can anyone help with some pictures of aston hall road especially anywhere around where the thompson motor services site is which has been a garage for many years?

Ray Barrett

Stitch,First time I have seen the photo.of Clifton Rd. #503 thanks mate.I lived there for 15 years,looking on the left halfway up is a big tree,That was our yard 5/106.What is here shown as the bookie used to be an electrical shop where we had our accumulators re-charged,the bookie was Mrs Burley she lived up a tunnel entry across the road.


master brummie
That lovely white building the other side of the opening from the Tavern was our Doctors in the 1950's, Dr Morgan and Dr Drinkwater, my Dad and I occassionally used the Tavern but our usual pub was either the 'top' Queens in Queens Rd or the Grovesner in Grovesner Road (run by Jimmy Leach, an ex-Villa player). Happy days. Eric