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Aston hippodrome


master brummie
I have many happy memories of the Aston Hip, and saw many famous people there. One unusual one was 'Jane' the cartoon girl from the daily Mirror.

paul stacey

master brummie
Not a lot of well knowns there then!!, I wnet once to the "aston", that was for a pantomine, can't remember when though early fiftys I suspect I do remember it was Mother Goose and I loved it.

Mike Blakemore

master brummie
Butterworth Circuit where the 2nd Level of theatre.... But they wher of a good standard... The admission prices where a lot cheaper as well then the Moss Empire ones.


gone but not forgotten
Hi paul;
just read your thread about the hippo ;
its a coincidence but i only went there once and that was a teacher in he infants of upper thomas street
took about twelve of us to see mother goose that was in the fiftys and it was packed with all kids
there was very few parents there as well she came to our house on lichfield rd and took me and my two younger brothers and a couple of local kids as well she paid for it for every body unless the head mistress paid for the outing ;
that was the only and first time in my life i had ever been there in my life ;
in the early years of my mother and her mother they was stage dancers there and a varity of theartes around
afew years back now i met a lady whom i got to know very well an elderly lady and her husband was bill warick he was the head
electrician at the thearther for decades all his life until he died in the 70-80 years
katie his wife died afew years back afteer a long illness but she showed me photos of her and my grand parents and my mother
in a dance routine on stage they was managed by a guy call harry leviene dance troop ;i believi it was they travelled
and of course the big monkey in the cage went with my grand mother ;
thats how they got involved with billy cotton and we georgie would ansd sandy powell
all four travell around the world on holidays together all except my mother in the later years ;owing to look after an army of kids ; best wishes astonian;;

paul stacey

master brummie
Great bit of nostalgic film Guilbert53, it really opens up the original #22 you can relate to the bill board now, Hi Alan, you might have gone to the same show as me!!!, great story though with your mom and the kids.
kind regards

Mike Blakemore

master brummie
Here is another Panto Poster...
For those old enough.. Paddie O'Neil was the wife of Alfred Marx... She was a regular in Royal variety Performances. She could knock out a song in a large theatre without any sound sytem... (probably even with the Iron Down (safty curtain) :friendly_wink:
When I am feeling in the mood I will do a peice on the Butterworth Chain of Theatres.. The Butterworth Family still own, but not operate 2 very fine Theatres. Which they have had revovated to a high standard. without the aide of Grants... The Richmond Theatre Lonodn.. and The Hippodrome bournmouth. if my memory is correct...

aston hipp1.jpg


Great Russell St
As a member of the George Formby Society, I know that George played at the hip. Does anyone have any evidence or billboars/programmes so I can show our November convention. If there are any Banjolele lovers out there then contact me.

Mike Blakemore

master brummie
As a member of the George Formby Society, I know that George played at the hip. Does anyone have any evidence or billboars/programmes so I can show our November convention. If there are any Banjolele lovers out there then contact me.
Hi Leonard.. Thats a shock if George did apear at the Aston Hippodrome as it was a Fred Butterworth Theatre.. He was Tight in the Wallet.. so was Beryl.. Then again Moss-Empire stopped booking top artists... Max Miller.. Laural & Hardy.. The Crazy Gang... Hope you get the proof :eek:)


Staff member
thanks for the link michael...what a splendid artist roy blakey is/was




Great Russell St
Lovely photo's. Re George, I agree that he must have been on the way up, 'cos he became the country's largest earner in showbiz. Beryl made George, without her there was no George, she was a tough cookie. He wasn't necessarily tight, but because his act was as a simple man, people expected him to pay for drinks etc so it was easy to say "Beryl hasn't given me any money".

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
:strawberry:Another photo I sorted out last night. It has Aston Hippodrome on the back but looking at it I am not too sure.:strawberry: