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Aston Hall


ell brown on Flickr
love these pictures !
Thanks, that was during an Open Day in September 2017, Civil War Siege. Had time to look around the hall as well. If you take photos have your flash off / (down don't pop it open, I rarely or never user flash much). Is also a tea room there (if it's open). Would assume it reopens at Easter time?


master brummie
I have been reading the posts re. Aston Hall with interest, my one and only time that I visited was way back in the early 1950s, most probably 50/51 as I was born in 1949 and from the att. photo I was just a baby in my Mothers arms. It would appear to have been a family outing as my maternal Grandparents are there, my Mothers Sister and her two sons along with my elder Brother who did not want his picture taken given he is lying down facing away from the camera. Unfortunately out of those in the photo we are the only two left.