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Aston Childhood


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i agree viv...i have seen them before but the christmas present one takes me back..the presents were so typical of the day especially in larger familys such as mine (6 children) i can still remember the thrill of being given a new item of clothing instead of having to wear second hand or hand me downs...it certainly taught me in later life to be grateful for what we have and dont moan about what we dont have...as kids we all knew the struggle mom and dad had to try and give us what we asked for but we never ever complained if they could not manage it(which was more often than not) as we knew what we did have was given out of love...my four children have been told by me many times just how hard life was back in my day and before that and not one of them has turned out selfish or greedy...quite the opposite...oh and we always had a smashing christmas dinner eaten at the table in front of the coal fire.:)...very happy days and i count my blessings for that because i know full well that not everyone has the wonderful memories i have...my parents always were and always will be my heroes
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