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Aston Barracks

terry carter

Birmingham Pals
In all my years of research into the Royal Warwickshire Regiment Territorial Battalions I have never come accross a photograph showing Aston Barracks the home of the 8th Battalion, The Royal Warwicks. I have been told that once upon a time you could see the drill square from the Witton End of Villa Park (wash my mouth with soap & water :D ). So has anyone out there in Forum Land got any pictures of the Aston Drill Hall ?



Deleted Upon Request
I haven't got a picture....but it was true......I don't know about 8th Battalion....I did attend the army cadets there once in the mid 1960's, I am not one for taking orders......I will over the next few days check to see if I do have a photo of the Witton End in any of my Villa books, or any of my local ones......


Fredrick Moseley served in the 8th Batt RWR 1914-18 and died in his early twenties after the war..........in the All Saints Mission (Which is just over the road from the villa) their is a commemorative plaque recording the fact he personally helped to build and carpenter the original building
Could this be the drill hall ? which was situated on corner of Manor Rd and Station Rd ...........I have pic of F.M. and the building
The Building has been used for a number of purposes ...in the 1930's it housed two classrooms for Yew Tree Schools which was over the road
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brummie nick

master brummie
I remember the barracks in the late forties, the firm I worked for did lots of electrical work on Territorial barracks, there were wooden huts as well as the drill hall.


always an Aston boy
Slightly off topic,but anyone know anything about Thorpe Street Barracks,I was an army cadet there in the early 50s,Royal Warwicks C company. anyone else


master brummie
Staff member
Hi Nutter: There is a thread on this forum about Thorp Street Barracks and one of the posts has a photo. Go to the Search at the top of the page and type in Thorp Street Barracks and you will find the posts from last year and some from 2007.

Alan Tucker

master brummie
The reason why you have not found one Terry is that it was not a separate building. Going from memory pre-1914 the drill hall was above the Villa gymnasium which was part of the old Aston Lower Grounds building complex part of which was incorporated when the ground was built in 1897. That is what your map shows. The building shows up in old photos of the ground - Villa Park 100 Years by Simon Inglis is the best bet. I had a discussion about this with Stephen White on the GWF some time ago.

The parade ground is now behind the Villa Village with ticket office, shop etc.

Your interest in things claret and blue is commendable!

terry carter

Birmingham Pals
"Going from memory pre-1914 the drill hall was above the Villa gymnasium"


I knew you were getting on in years..... but, I did not think you was that old!!! :D


paul stacey

master brummie
hi nutter
was thorp street drill hall off the horse fair, bristol road end?,if so I went there with the acf, royal engineers harborne, they had agreat drum and bugle band also, late 50's/early 60's
paul stacey

Phil B

Made in Brum
Here is a section of a 1913 map showing the site of the barracks.

Hi Terry,
I was wondering if you can attach the 1913 map again showing Aston Barracks. It seems to have disappeared.
I've just found out my Uncle Harold Leslie Webb was posted here in 1939.
He then went to France in January 1940 but died in May 1940 defending the retreat to Dunkirk.
He was in the 8th Bn Royal Warwickshire Reg.


master brummie
I have just seen this too, the Barracks was in Witton Road or the entrance was, it ran alongside Nelson Road which in turn is the Eastern edge of the Villa Ground.