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Ashmores highlander coaches (smethwick)


knowlegable brummie
Hi does any one have any photos of this company I know its not strictly brum but not to far away thanks.

Bill Parker

master brummie
I have one but I dont own the copyright but I can tell you a little about the company if you so wish, unless you are the same gentleman who I have been talking to some time back via "Flickr" in which case you know as much as I.

Bill Parker

master brummie
Yes thats the one, if you look closely at that pic mentioned I save a suspicion the coach behind it is also owned by Ashmores. For a small concern they did occasionally achieve mention in the press, they get a mentionin the 1966 buses annual in an article about AEC Renowns, the tri axle single deck variety and they are probably the first to have recieved a Bedford VAL twin steer with Bedfords own Diesel a VAL 70, as opposed to the earlier VAL 14 with Leyland engine.
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