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Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes


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Brilliant, glad to discover this thread. William Such is in Edwin Withers 1888 Will, but merely as a name. Where will I find more of him, please?
The catalogue previously mentioned states that William Thomas Such was painting 1847-57. Was a painter of landscapes and lived at Sutton Coldfield. In that period his Birmingham exhibits (Welsh & local landscapes, churches & parks especially as seen in winter) numbered 25. He exhibited once at the Royal Academy, twice at British Institution and 6 times at the Portland Gallery in period 1855-57. He is listed in the local directory 1850-54


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Yes, although the 1807 Act seems to have needed another in 1833. The 1833 Act gave masters enormous compensation for the slaves they “owned” in the Colonies.

Was the chap in the crowd Prince Monolulu’s grandad?


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I have not noticed the artist Robin Hazlewood RI mentioned on this thread.
I have a picture of Yardley Church and the old School House by him which
was of particular interest to me as I was married there (the Church, that is!)

Quite a bargain really, at £2 from the Acorns shop in the shopping centre at
Sheldon some years ago.

Stay Safe.

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The link seems to just open in The Social's main page - I think this might be it?
Interesting, I saw it posted on FB earlier..


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RT Bott...who painted “Leading in the Winner, Birmingham”....some tipsters have gone under the name “the Gleaner”...
Just to clarify the term 'some tipsters' above. Are these the bookies taking bets, or the horses in the race? Sorry my racing education is severely limited ...


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Tipster, most generally, would be a correspondent who specialised in horse racing for a newspaper, and gave tips for the day’s racing meetings. Although it could be someone who sold the information.

Robert Calvert

Robert K Calvert
This is the artist Robert Calvert, I have a few of the old prints up in the loft, not exactly sure what they are now but I do know many have been asking after some of them, they may by artist proofs and none selling material but please get in touch. I have been asked to reproduce a few, is anyone still interested, get back to me. Here is my email: [email protected]


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edcartemo, as I said in a previous post he was a friend and colleague of mine during my 19 years in the BWS, George was also an elected member of other societies and a professional artist. He gave me one of is calendars many years ago, I have searched my studio top to bottom and cannot find it, I could have posted a few of them, one you would have particularly liked was 2 women chatting over the garden fence with Saltly gas works in the background circa 1960. If it turns up I will post some Eric


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Yes John it is
I remember a place just like this opposite the Mint on Ickneild Street near the corner to Hingeston Street. A double fronted premises rammed from floor to ceiling with every conceivable item like tin baths, clothing, roller skates and many a bike like John's.