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Just found this directory from what I think is 1849 of Birmingham. There are other books about Birmingham on the site and you may be able to find video clips etc. It seems to be an American site so you may find reference to the other Birmingham! Sure if you have the time and effort you can find some interesting items on there. If you do why not post on this
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John Young

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Spotters Badge for Dwilly, that's an excellent Archive trip for "our" Birmingham ( the Original) have just flicked through quite quickly using their Auto-page turner and the Info on B,ham /Aston (& lots I,ve not perused, oops,, yet) is very good with added quality of being able to Magnify the page(s) handy for some folks.,, Well worth a look people,, Ok John


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Archive.org is an american site. The problem you are most likely to find with documents you download is going to be with print quality. They tend to be an archive for the google project with documents and although they do have text versions of a lot of documents, their OCR (processing an image into text) is generally mediocre to awful. If you can find the same document on gutenberg.org that will probably have a much better text version. If you download documents for reference from Archive.org, use a pdf version that gives an image of the page.