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Any Free Way Of Tracing Family


master brummie
Hi all, I have tried several so called free sites, but inevitably you are required to pay, please help if you can, Many thanks Eddyjay.


Staff member
have to say that if you are serious about tracing your family ancestry the quickest and easiest way to research is by paying for it free sites will only give you access to a certain amount of info....i have been doing mine for 10 years now and dont regret paying...just my opinion but i have found ancestry to be a very good site to join...they have so many records available and are adding to them all the time and you can just pay for months subscription at a time to see if you like it so you are not tied to a yearly sub unless you want to do that ..all the best



master brummie
I agree Lyn. When I started I did "free trials" on several sites to see which I liked best and then paid - a basic subscription to start with and then upgraded. Like you I have no regrets about joining Ancestry. I do keep my eye open for "free" weekends on FMP and others and make use of them for some records but not very often.


master brummie
For those who may be interested. The following link can be used to obtain 12 months world wide subscription to Ancestry for the discounted price of £89.99 which is 50% less than the normal price.
This applies to new subscribers only so if you have a current subscription to Ancestry then this link can only be used after your subscription runs out.
I used the link myself yesterday and it does work.