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Another old brum car dealer - any info?


Brummie babby
Hey all

firstly a big thank you to all those who have me info on my other recent post asking for info on evans and kitchen

i have another help and info request that id like to put out there .

Does anyone know any info or have pictures of BIRMINGHAM CARDROME , who were on the coventry road down in small heath in the 70s .

they were a side buisness to bristol street motors .

id love to see a pic if theres one out there somewhere?

thanks in advance


Brummie babby
Hey Phil,

Cheers for the pic but I don't think that that is the particular garage I'm looking for ,

Birmingham cardrome was at 426-434 coventry road which was and still is a 2 story building , it's now a collection of shop fronts but I believe when it was the cardrome is was a large 2 story building which had the high quality cars on the lower floor with the lesser cars on the first floor ,

My dad bought his 1973 mg midget from there in 1974 , it was in the front window of the building

I understand that although owned by Bristol street motors it was just known as Birmingham cardrome , and sold all marques rather than just ford

However all the info I have is from my dad as I cant find any info about it anywhere !




gone but not forgotten
Hi rich and phil
i think the place rich is on about is just before that garage phil and it was oppersite the old walfare
that garage being the picture of the one you have put up for show
i think it was the corner facing glover street but the old walfare centre was most definately facing the cardromer
and the two story block rich is on about still stands it as been a big function rooms for as far back as i can remember
i can not think of the name of the building they called it after its use for cars by the harry and maurice cresswell the two brothers
whom formed and founded bristol street motors where they formed and started there little empire of a show room
on bristol street motors whom may i add my little bit of info did work for them in my early years of life
and i was the little braison kid to walk into the office and asked them for a pay rise
the shop work force thought i was crazy to walk over to his office and asked for a pay rise ;theguys he had working for them;
for years said you have no chance but i took them on and bold over to the office and all the guyscouldsee me through his office window
and i could see them ; i asked and i got a 3 penny rise fopr my cheek they could not beleive it ;
and i was the topic for weeks within the company ; another six weeks later i went back into the office
and asked to give me a reference forjoining up in the warickshire reg; and yes they gave me one and wished me the best ;
but any way getting back to keegs request; the building became a function hall for meeting
and the lat councilor dickie knowels was always attending offficial meeting there way back in time
years later after his death ; it was sold again to the asian function meeting roome
where upon right up until day they still own it and carry out wedding for the asian commutity there today ;
i do not know the name of the buildingbut it is still there same block same site postion ;
and comng up from hay mills its just past that gaage you have shown ;
have a nice day phil and every body else astonian


master brummie
I bought a MGB from Cardrome back in 1966, probably the best car I ever bought. Seem to remember that there was a ramp inside which allowed cars to be driven up to the upper floor.


Retired Layabout

I think I've got a handle on it now,426-434 Coventry Rd starting at the corner of Watt rd, I believe it's an Islamic Centre now and before that it was a Go Cart racing centre I can't remember the name, but I'm sure someone else will. I'm almost certain that the building is on the far left of this photo.



Brummie babby
phil, i was just about to post the same photo as found it on another site , thats the building in the far left of the picture!!looks like it was the cardrome when that pic was taken


gone but not forgotten
Yes phil;
thats the name of the street i could not think of and the welfare centre was facing it across the cov rd as i said ;
and yes i was telling you it was a function meeting hall before the asian commutity
like you i cannot recall the dammed name the hall; but it was a banqueting hall before the asian bought it ;
glad i got that right for once ; astonian