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Another gem


master brummie
When my eldest daughter Trisha was 3 ( she's almost 26 now) I returned home from the city centre one day with some books I'd bought from Hudsons - as I was taking them from the bag she came and watched me, her little face just able to peer over the table top. "What are those daddy ?" she asked. "They're books" I replied. "Who are they for ?" was the next question. "They're for me Trish" - She looked up at me with a big smile and said :
"Awwwwwww, daddy you're very kind to yourself !"

We still laugh about that today !!


Yesterday at my grandson's 5th birthday party the waitress asked him how old he was he promptly replied 10. We all laughed and the conversation with his friends went on until he was 101. His uncle my youngest son piped up, I can remember having conversation like that and a million was the biggest number of all. His brother then said I bet you still have those conversations in the board room!:D


master brummie
I was sat on the beach in Devon with my four year old grand-daughter Charlotte who was nearing five years old. I said to her, "When are you five Charlotte". Reply, "When I've finished being four". You can't argue with that. George.