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Annie Steadman/Stedman - 1901 & 1911 Census Lookup


master brummie
Can someone help me please with a 1901 & 1911 Census lookup for Annie Steadman (maybe spelt

The information I have is:
* Born about 1889, place not known.
* Father George Steadman/Stedman, brass founder, deceased by 24 April 1916.
* Married William Henry Gardner 24 April 1916 at Birmingham Register Office, at which time she gave her age as 26, occupation press worker & her address as 98 New Summer Street, Birmingham.
* Believed that she was orphaned when about 8 years old & went to live in Wattville Road, Handsworth (maybe with an aunt) maybe along with her sister Wilhelmina (known as Minn) (& with brother Charlie?). Might she have changed her surname to her aunt's surname whilst she lived with her aunt rather than kept her birth surname?
* The witnesses on her marriage certificate were Ada Piper & Frank Robinson. Might either of these had some connection with her in Wattville Road, Handsworth or New Summer Street, Birmingham?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Found it. She is listed as an adopted daughter ( Annie Stedman 12, born Birmingham) in the 1901 census , living at 3 court. 8 house, Ward St Birmingham with:

Frank Robinson head 34 Brass polisher born birmingham
Susannah Robinson wife 34 press worker born birmingham
Susannah Robinson daughter 13 born Birmingham
Ancestry gives link to the 1891 census (which I assume you have) and to her birth:
1889 Quarter 1. Aston 6d 319


master brummie
In 1891 at Court 18 house 2 Lawley Street - recorded as STEDMAN
George Steadman B1862 Bham - brass pole maker
Hannah Steadman B1864 Bham - wife
Arthur Steadman B1887 Bham - son
Annie Steadman B1889 Bham - daughter



master brummie
Think you might find that Susannah Robinson and Hannah Steadman were both Brittle before marriage i.e. possibly sisters?

1887 Marriage Susannah Brittle to Frank Robinson - Aston JAS 6d 427
1885 Marriage Hannah Brittle to George Steadman - Aston AMJ 6d 351



master brummie
Thanks Mikejee & smtr for your replies. You've helped to resolve a bit of a mystery for me.

These certainly seem to be the correct families, especially as Frank Robinson was one of the witnesses on Annie Steadman/Stedman's marriage certificate in 1916.

I wonder how she came to be orphaned by the time she was only eight? I'll have to try to find death events & certificates for both George & Hannah Stedman.

I'm still curious about the family story that she lived in Wattville Road with her aunt after she was orphaned. Obviously in 1901 she was listed as living in Ward Street with her aunt as adopted daughter & in 1911 at New Summer Street, where she also apparently was living when she was married in 1916. I wonder if she lived firstly with another aunt in Wattville Road between about 1897 (when I am told she was orphaned) & 1901 before being adopted by the Robinsons?

Also, can anyone trace Annie's sister Wilhelmina ("Minn") or brother Charlie? Presumably they were Ste(a)dmans. Were they living in Wattville Road with another aunt? Maybe the children were split up between different relatives when they were orphaned because it would have been a financial strain for them all to go to live with one family?

Any thoughts gratefully received.


master brummie
Hi there, the children were not orphaned.
Their mother remarried after George Steadman's death in 1898.
When George Steadman died in 1898, it appears that Hannah farmed 3 of her children out! Minnie is seen with her Grandmother Caroline Brittle in the 1901 Census and Annie is shown as adopted daughter of Susannah and Frank Robinson (Hannah's sister).Eldest son Arthur was an “inmate” at the Working Boys, 18-20 High Street, Deritend. His job was an Errand Boy.
She must have kept youngest son, Henry with her,(born 1896) because he shows up on the 1911 census, living with her and new husband James Rowberry!
After marrying James Rowberry in 1902,Hannah lived first at 18 Bolton Road,then moved to 85 Watery Lane in 1925.
Marriages Sep 1902
James Alfred Rowberry Aston 6d 472
Hannah Steadman Aston 6d 472


master brummie
Ladylinda, thanks for your reply, which was a bit of a surprise.

Could you tell me please:
* Where were Minnie & her grandmother living in the 1901 Census? How old was Minnie?
* Was Arthur at the Working Boys home in the 1901 Census? How old was he? How would he come to have been resident here? Did they have to work to pay for their board & lodgings? What were conditions like for the boys?
* Do Hannah & youngest son Henry show up anywhere in the 1901 Census? Was anyone else with them?
* Were Hannah & Henry at Bolton Road in the 1911 Census, with James Rowberry?
* Where are Bolton Road & Watery Lane? Is it Bolton or Boulton Road? I can see a Watery Lane in Smethwick & a Boulton Road in Handsworth, both of which are not far from Wattville Road referred to in my posts above.
* Is there any sign of Annie Ste(a)dman's brother Charlie?
* Does Wattville Road in Handsworth/Smethwick have any significance, maybe in connection with any other Ste(a)dman children or the Rowberry's?

If you can help with answers to any of these queries, I would be obliged.



master brummie
Hi there, Minnie was 10 years old in the 1901 census and the family were living at 210 Ashted Row.


master brummie
Hello Lancaster
I used to work with a lad called steadman (sparky) many years ago and notice you have ryland in your research, wouldn't be you would it.