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Ann Harris Dancing School Erdington

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
Does anyone remember Ann Harris Dancing School? I went there for tap and acrobatics in the 1950's. We used to do pantomine at the Aston Hipp. Whilst doing Babes in the Woods, I went off the stage crying because I'd forgotten my coat!!:cry: I came accross my certificates from back then the other day, from over 50 years ago:2131:



master brummie
Staff member
Hi Lynda: Yes I remember the Ann Harris School of Dance located in Cecil Road, Erdington. I believe it is still going and run by a relative...grandaughter perhaps, in a Church Hall around Erdington. Not sure. It must have been the late l940's early l950's when I used to attend. It was quite an adventure for me as I used to catch the No. 11 bus to Six Ways, Erdington and walk along Gravelly Hill North to Cecil Road.

I remember a concert held at the old YMCA building in Reservoir Road before they built the newer Y in the l960's. The only place around Erdington that had a stage in those days that was close to Cecil Road. The Church House in the High Street had a stage also. I've got an idea that I went with the dancing school for a concert there as well. I saw ballet with a junior ballet dancer on pointes for the first time in this concert and remember the music that was used. The ballet dancer was dressed as a bumble bee! I also remember singing "Happy Days are Here Again" and also a song called "Come to the Market". I was hopeless at Acro and always envied those girls who could do this type of thing to music. They were so good.
I did learn to tap dance reasonably well- Shuffle, Hop, Step. Wow, that's going back. I had a pair of ballet slippers and a blue tambourine.

Must have been exciting to do the panto at the Aston Hipp, Lynda. I was
always interested in the smaller dancers when we went to the pantomime and also the percussion part of the orchestra. Happy Days.

It was fun but I don't think I carried on very long.

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
Thanks for your reply Jenny Ann. It's suprising what good memories some of us have you know. I know I went to Ann Harris's, but don't remember how I got there. I reckon we used to walk up Hunton Hill, as we lived off Slade Road. I think my tap shoes were white with big white ribbons in a bow.It probably was the same time period when I went there. We may even had rubbed shoulders.:0431:

Best wishes