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Andy's Coaches


master brummie
What a lovely reminder Postie. I had totally forgotten about Andy,s Coaches. I remember that view very well now. Thanks yet again for stirring the old memory.


Staff member
hi folks. dont know if you have seen this pic of andys coaches but i will post it anyway.



master brummie
I trained and took my PSV test on one of Andy's coaches' ex -BCT Guy Arabs way back in 1961 during my week-end leaves from the Army. On the test one of the things that had to be done was to stop on a steep hill, I forget exactly where, and the tester then put a match-box behind the rear wheel. Engage 1st gear and off we go for the hill start, if the matchbox was touched by rolling back by even a fraction it counted as a failure!

The Guy, which didn't look much with its utility body, was lovely to drive even though it had a Chinese gearbox and I've only driven any other Guy decker back in 2006 and it was like meeting an old friend. Seeing the photo of their garage takes me back to those happy days, thanks Astoness for the memory.


Brummie babby
hi,can i please view pictures of andys coaches.kind regards,spidersmith.
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Uncle Remus

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My Dad Johnny Williams, was the Signwriter for Andy's Coaches, his claim to fame was that he came up with the slogan ''Travel the Andy way'' I remember as a kid, standing in the freezing cold, waiting for my dad to finish his work. next to a fire in an oildrum at Andy's. I'd be about six it was in 1959, Sometimes I'd get to go for a ride in a coach, just the driver and me. I thought I was the king of Nechells Park Road,,,,,


master brummie
The forum was hacked last year and unfortunately, all the photos went. The pictures are gradually being put back on and hopefully the ones that you want will be. Carol


master brummie
Andy's coaches used to do our school run from Packington Avenue in Shard End to Gunter Road School in Erdington in the 1950's I remember one of the drivers was named Albert.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Swimming club always used them for Galas further afield and they were always so reliable and friendly. Remember a few years ago on the way to Ramsgate the dads had drank so much beer on the coach that the driver had to pull in to a service station and the queue for the men's loo was twenty deep.


Gone, but not forgotten.
Two photos of Andy's Coaches in two different locations, one on Nechells Park Road, and the other if I remember correctly was on the corner of Bloomsbury St and Loxton St diagonally opposite the White Swan pub.



master brummie
Hi all

I think this photo from Carl Chinn shows Andy's Coaches or what was on the corner of Bloomsbury St and Loxton st,
but the date of year confused me as it is dated 1952?

Bloomsbury Street Lupin Street-26-8-1952.jpg


master brummie
Lovely photo's our coach was older than those in the picture they were mainly K series Bedfords


Gone, but not forgotten.

The date on your photo could be right, as by the late 50's early 60's all that corner was gone and had been replaced by parkland and Duddeston Manor Rd. I think that is when Andy's coaches may have moved to Nechells Park rd.

paul stacey

master brummie
I went to see the clifton suspension bridge at Bristol with our school in "Andy's Coaches", about 1958 time, I remember they were yellow and orange in colour I am sure.