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Andrews of Birmingham Looking for connections


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Looking for Connections with Andrews

Just to confirm I have found KERBY Road, off Marsh Hill No.50, Stockland Green, Birmingham.23.


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1901 census
125 Nelson street,Handsworth

Samuel Clayton age 42 Cab driver/groom
Catherine A age 35
Frances ellen age 9
William age 6
Harriet M age 3
Thomas age 1 all born birmingham

Samuel Clayton had married Catherine McCullough in 1886 in kings norton

in 1891 they were living
Back 20 Clevedon road,kings norton
Samuel age 30 Cab driver/groom
Catherine A age 24
Catherine age 3
Catherine age 18 Samuels sister.

in 1901 Catherine their first daughter age 13 was with her grandparents
260 Birchfield road
Gilbert McCullough age 59 Shopkeeper
Eliza 60


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I suppose its the way they write on the certs.

Stockland Green I agree, but it definitly states 7 Kerby road, but it could have been mispelt i suppose.

I just wish i could get this all figured out. Trying to get info on Henry Andrews is like trying to go to the moon on a skateboard.
Hi Cathryn,
I've just joined the forum this evening and came across your post.
I believe we may be connected.
My great grandfather John Smart married Jane Andrews in 1917, she already had 3 children with Henry Andrews; Nellie, William and another daughter I think. On my great grandfather documents he resided in 7 kirby road for many years. My grandmother was Lilian, daughter of John but I'm not sure if Jane was her mother.

Kind regards