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Ancestry Help!


master brummie
Re. your photo of Sarah Wadley
Frederick W Lees married a Sophia Augusta Walker in Droitwich
Sophia Augusta was registered Wadley but her mother was Sophia Walker and her father Henry Wadley who died in 1856
they do not appear to have married and so after he died Sophia Walker married Henry Millman in 1859 although describing herself as widow.

In 1861 census there are Millman children and Sophia Wadley 9 and William Wadley 5

It always surprises me that our ancestors had to leave behind such tangled webs for us to unravel.:)
On the 1851 census Sophia is Henry Wadleys 'wife', he is 12 years older than her,when she married Henry Millman as a widow called Walker I wonder what name she gave for her father and didn't Mr.. Millman wonder why her children were named Wadley. This is what makes genealogy so fascinating and infuriating.
Brilliant:) I think a lot of people didn't go through the formality of marriage - just as they do now. They would have considered themselves so too, even though they didn't have a bit of paper saying so. I'd like to think Sophia's 2nd 'husband' knew all about her past & was happy to give her & her children some stabilty.