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An 1840s Guide Book to Great Britain


master brummie
Warwickshire ought to be in this 1840 Harwood's Scenery of Great Britain, but I became absorbed in identifying other places that I knew as Harwood's pictures are so delightfull. Worthing, Portsmoth, Southampton, Tunbridge Wells & many other places are depicted & its perhaps worth a trawl to see if you recognise any of the views.
Some of the families that I researched left Birmingham & I found it fascinating to see what attracted them to pastures new. The book is almost a holiday brochure, or a sort of GB Grand Tour for those that did not want to cross the channel.


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A delight to browse Bordesleyexile. Surprisingly quite a few recognisable places such as Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and Broadstairs. The Baths and Pump Room view of Bath is excellent. Enjoyed that tour, thank you. Viv.