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Alum Rock Road


knowlegable brummie
I would like to look at the list of shops/businesses on Alum Rock Road (from The Gate to Highfield Road) in different years; for example 1901 and 1951.
What's the easiest way to do this?


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Welcome BarryJohn, don't know what to address you as Barry or John.

There is sure to be someone on the Forum later who could help you but my guess is they are all enjoying the Sunshine today or the Cup Final:)

In the meantime if you haven't seen it try this.


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Carol T

proper brummie kid
Hi BarryJohn

If you search Shops on Alum Rock Road, page one, No.2 march 10th Mike Jee has put on 2 links to Kellys, which gives you the list of shops. Hope this will be of some help.
Carol T


knowlegable brummie
Thanks Alf and Carol.
You were right Alf, the weather was too good to stay in.
I've been in contact with Mike, Carol. I was too thick to find the link you suggested! Mike is emailing me the information I need.
Thanks again to you both for taking the time to answer my question.


master brummie
Wendyp started a thread in March "Shops on Alum Rock Road" she was writing an article and there are 131 replies.

You may find something useful there.


knowlegable brummie
Thanks for all the advice. I now have several links to Kelly's directory for Alum Rock Road.
Another query.... For the 1901 census I was given great advice on how to find some streets in Bordesley Green and Small Heath by following Warwickshire - Aston - Deritend and then pages 80+.
Can someone tell me how to find streets in Saltley in the same census?