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Alum Rock Road Shops


master brummie
Thank you Phil, the name rings a bell but I am now confused I thought it was a café before a furniture shop I could only focus on the aquarium and I don't remember furniture in the shop but as you say Kelly's of 1963 thanks to mikegee confirms it as a second hand furniture shop and his name was Michaels which fits in with his son's name who was knocked down that's the beauty of this forum there is always someone who is prepared to offer advice and information thank you all


knowlegable brummie
Hi. Rich. You were right found Kelly's good lots of shops more than one remembers. Cheers Bish.


master brummie
Hi Mike , any thoughts ? on looking at the 56-63 and 68 Kelly's you kindly posted there is no mention of The Village pub on the corner of George Arthur road Alum Rock I know it existed because my Mom and Dad took us there on some Saturday Nights to play out back and in the darts room seems strange its not mentioned when the Tilt Hammer and The Rock pubs are listed cheers Rich.


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I'm afraid I have no idea why it was not listed. Possibly it was closed for renovation or something when the survey for Kellys was carried out


master brummie
Hi suemalings , could I ask a favour would you look in your 1953 Kelly's to see if the village pub is listed on the corner of George Arthur road Alum Rock I know the pub existed but there was no mention in either 56 - 63 or 68 years for Kelly's posted by mikejee I wonder if anyone on the forum has any recollections of the pub cheers Rich.


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Hi. Karen I remember Porters very well in the fifties my mom done here shopping there every Thursday
Yes I remember it well and I think the other shop on Havelock rd was called Hughes or somthing like that next to the coal yard


Gone, but not forgotten.

I think you will find the The Village is listed at 2 George Arthur Road for the years you are looking for.


master brummie

a few more pic's of Alum Rock Rd, I can't promise they are in the time frame you wanted, but they couldn't have changed much. Ive added the one of the Co op rooms as you mentioned the Co op the other day and I thought it possible that you might have frequented these rooms that I assume were above the Co op.

Brings back a lot of memories!

Thank you.....

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
Here are three photos of the same location at different times. It's the Co-op premises at numbers 165 to 177 Alum Rock Road that ran from the junction of Edmund Street toward Bowyer Road.View attachment 134802View attachment 134803View attachment 134804
Well for a kid from Rednal I remember going to that co-op always at Christmas time ? We would go get 30 or more turkeys to fill our orders at my moms store the guy who worked there had a little fiddle where he would go and buy live turkeys and butcher and pluck them then sell on and did this for many a year so I'm talking the late 60's and 70's his Nick name was 'Darkie" but he was not a person if color last name Brown ?.


master brummie
Hi. Rich. Just past Copes on the corner of Gate St. was Lincolns chemist I remember going in with my mom a few times a real old fashion chemist opposite there used to be a fish and chip shop. In the same row of shops as Pauls was Cowans the jewellers on the corner was Lathams on the opposite corner of Ellsmere Rd was a wallpaper shop then Stanards stationery shop close to there was Fowlers TV and Radio shop they also sold records. My cousin lived at 17 Regnald Rd. the twins above were the Deans Alan might remember my cousin Bryan Nokes they are about the same age just ask if you want to know more glad to say the brain is still working Cheers Bish
I lived at number eleven in the maisonettes, I knew the Deans, Michael and Norman and their sister Margaret and mom Brenda, also Brian Noakes. And many more.


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Coming a bit late to this but I'm trying to find out more about Groves Toy and Model Shop. I think the owner was named Leslie Groves - he started the shop just before WW2 - who lived in Shirley. Any info about him and the shop would be welcome. Thanks

Big Gee

master brummie
I remember a model shop in Alum Rock Road, in a line of shops set a short distance back from the road. When I knew it, the shop was called (IIRC) Aldous Models. I only visited a couple of times, as the bloke behind the counter was a bit of a misery....



Brummie babby
Sorry that this has nothing to do with shops, however i was looking at Google earth today and my uncle (Tim Flynn) lived facing the Brookhill pub, can i confirm these houses have been Knocked down ¿ as i can not see the houses and if so when did they knock them down
I used to live next door to Tim Flynn and Floss at number 507. They always has an Alsatian and also chickens are one stage