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Alum Rock Rd - Ward End area


master brummie
I used to live in bennetts road washwood heath i was born there in 1968, a group of us children would play in a building that was abandoned, the building was knocked down and houses were built which became sandway gardens. this building was next to number 32 ,i was in number 30. can anyone tell me what that building was.
I had some good memories as i grew up there i have since moved away but would like to revisit the area and see how much it has changed


master brummie
I lived at no 28 Bennetts Road between 1945 and 1966. The building next to no 32 was two maisonettes. I remember them being built in the late 1950's. They were for the use of the army families whom were based at the army barracks located where Sandway Gardens are now.

Jane fulford

proper brummie kid
Thx mike I got your msg and I appreciate it ...there were FULFORDS living on Malthouse lane and I just wondered if there was a brewing connection.

Thomas Parry

knowlegable brummie
Hi there,

I had a family member that lived at 103 St. Margaret's Avenue in the 80's - his name was Leonard "Len" Parry and he had a wife called May. He died in 1985. I wondered if anyone would remember them.