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Alma Cresent


master brummie
Anybody got any photos or memorys or know of people who lived in Alma Cresent off Dollman St Nechells/ Duddeston area, found out records 1939 show my aunt lived at number 19 Alma Cresent, Florance B Ward nee White with her husband Charles H. Ward also at this address is a June Ward b 1925 and a Kenneth Ward b 1925, there is also 2 other records blacked out that could be relatives still alive or not.


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hello castalla...if you put in alma crescent nechells in the search box i know for a fact that there are a few photos of it on the forum....i am also moving this thread for you to the appropriate section of the forum...hope this helps



Gone, but not forgotten.
Hi Castalla

I'm afraid I can tell you nothing about anybody who lived in Alma Crescent, but number 19 would be the house in the photo with the lamppost outside it, Though the photo was much later than 1939 and was taken in 1970 which must have been very shortly before the street was demolished.

Nechells Alma Cres ---Galton St (2).jpg