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Albert Wallace Gibbons


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My mother died in May this year and my brothers are living in the family home and are unwilling to let me have old photos etc. Except for an old document that one of my brothers posted to me. In this document the name Albert Wallace Gibbons died 5th December 1952.
The document, I think is a breakdown of all his estates, war stocks & properties he owned. The part that is of interest to me are the names;
Descendents of Elisabeth Berrow; Molly Taylor, Doreen Berry.
The descendents of Jane Berrow;Oscar Charles Berrow, Connie Cullen, Ellen Blanche Matthews, Florence May Hancox (my nan)William R Berrow, Horace Ernest Berrow, Ivy Jeanette Edwards, Ruby Burns & Connie Boyington.

If anyone on here know these names, please contact me.
I remember my Aunty Ruby, my nans sister when I was young, she use to live near Rocky Lane Great Barr in the early 1970's, I think she moved to Litchfield, as I remember she started a rescue of ponies & horses???
Dont we all now wish that we had listerned to our familys when we was young, as now I want to know, and now these people are dead or got alzheimers!


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Albert Wallace Gibbons born 4th May 1867 baptised 14th july St George
parents Samuel and Mary ann
He had 2 sisters Samuella Rosa born 1870 and Mary Ann J born 1872.
His father Samuel born Much Marcle, Hereford was a landscape gardener and albert became a Painter and decorator
1871 Wilton Stret Aston
1881 159 Lozells road
1891 98 Crabtree Road,Birmingham
1901 246 Dudley road at this time Samuel had died and Mary was head of the household,she died just after the census was taken.

Albert Wallace Gibbons married in 1902 cannnot verify name of spouse.

The Berrow family appear to have links to Much Marcle,where does Albert fit into your tree.
What were your mothers and aunt Rubys maiden names?.
With more info I am sure between all the brains LOL on here we will fit it together for you.


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Kelly's 1912 has a Wallace Gibbons at 155 Icknield Port Rd, Decorator and the electoral roll for 1912 has Albert Wallace Gibbons at 155 Icknield Port Rd.

There's also a possible marriage in 1909 to a Prudence Meredith and they are living at 108 Barford Rd and he is on electoral roll as Wallace Gibbons so he seems to be alternating between Albert Wallace and Wallace.



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Berrow family
Jane Berrow living in Guildford Street in 1901 with son Ernest she was born in Upton bishop Hereford

1891 Great king Street
Jane Berrow,age 40 ,widow b. Hereford
Oscar 19
Harry 17
Emily 16
Ernest 15

1881 Wheeler Street
Charles Berrow age 37 stone mason b. Much Marcle
Jane age 37
Oscar C 9
Harry R 7
Emily B 6
Ernest A 5


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My nan was Florence May Hancox nee Berrow, Harry R Berrow was her father Sarah Hodson (Hodson funeral directors)married Harry R Berrow. Harry R Berrow born 1873, married Sarah Hodson in 1892 Aston area of Birmingham. Oscar Berrow married Rose May Povey in West Bromwich in 1902. I found Jane Berrow nee Berrow (cousin marrying cousin?) Charles & Jane are living at Wormelow Tump, Much Marcle. He is a stone mason and they have a servant living with them Henry Nourse. Then in 1881 living at 12 Wheeler Road.
I have know idea as to Albert Wallace Gibbons? I have found reference to a Lucy MacGibbons? And Eliza Mayos.


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My gran was Ivy Jeanette Edwards nee Berrow. She was born in Aston in 1909 and lived in Birmingham into her 60s when she moved to Tamworth.

She always told us her mother had been a dancer in a troupe (something equivalent to the London Palladium Tiller Girls of their time), and her father had been a prize fighter / boxer.

There was talk of my great-grandfather being a butcher, but I can't recall if this was her father or on my grandfather's, George Edwards, side of the family.

All my great grandparents died before I was born in 1958.

Gran (Ivy) said the Berrow family were of Irish descent.

Gran died in 2003 and I have no-one to ask, and wondered if (big ask given the timescales) does anyone have information that might be relevant they would like to share please?

Regards, EC