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Albert Barlow .Hockley in the 1920's


New Member
Hi, I am trying to find details of an incident that happened in the 1920's.
Albert Barlow who was knocked down by a horse and cart in Hockley wondered if it might have been mentioned in the local paper.

Kind regards


master brummie
There might be something in the Coventry Evening Telegraph from 23 July 1923 on findmypast.

The search result mentions an Albert Barlow from Birmingham playing (a barrel organ ?) in the street in Walsall but doesn't give the complete story. Hopefully someone with a sub will be able to see the complete article to see if it's relevant.


master brummie
There are some local editions from the 1920s which are not online yet eg Birmingham Mail.
Does his death cert suggest there was an inquest? If so that might provide more information but Birmingham Library will not research for you - when possible you would need to search the records yourself or get some one to do it for you. I am waiting to get there to look at an inquest for a relative.


master brummie
For info Chuck1 - this is the one I was talking about, but I dont have a date for it.


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