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Advice Re Burial In 1833


master brummie
PLEASE can anyone help -----Is it possible to find out whether my 3xGt Grandfather died, at the age of 43, from illness or maybe an accident or other reason in 1833 ? I found the above details on a National Burial Index.


Anthea, have you any more details like where he was buried. 1833 is before registration so it may not be possible, unless there is an obituary in a local paper or a note on the burial record. It was not unusual at this time for people to die young there were many epidemics, diptheria, TB, smallpox also heart conditions and cancer.


master brummie
Burial in 1833

MomaP, Many thanks for your reply. The only other information I have is that 3xGt.Grandfather was a Yorkshire man buried at Woodhouse Christ Church (Anglican) - Place - Huddersfield. I guess the original details wouldn't state cause of death, but I was looking for any other avenues which might lead me to an answer. :)