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A Terrier called Cleo


master brummie
Not log after I retired in 1995 an old workmate rang me up and asked if I would
like a Wirehaired Fox Terrier, his daughter had been told she could not have any
children so thay have bought the dog. After eight years she had a little boy, and the dog had his nose pushed out, and was getting nasty, so the dog, Cleo had to go! We gave the dog a home which turned out be an
exspensive mistake, she never really settled down us, Enid loved dogs and
after a while the dog got diabetes, and in just under a year it cost us over £600 in vets bills, The vet said it wa s
taking her away from her first owners had caused the stress. I never learn
my daughter has just got me to home a ten years dog that nobody wanted
cheers Bernard.Photo of Cleo

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
A few things come to mind Bernard like we let our hearts rule our heads and we never learn. your Jack is lovely and if it was myself I would just put so much a month away if he is too old to insure. It is traumatic when they are taken away from their home and owner. He looked a handsome little dog though and the vet had a point there. Take care. Jean.


master brummie
Hi there Jean, my neice Pauline who introduced me to this forum, also has a little dog called Jack, he is 15 I think, she took a photo of the two if I can find it, bye, Bernard