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A Stroll To The River


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
A Stroll To The River...

The Sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, birds were fluttering as we strolled down to the river one warm summer.‚.’s day.‚.…

Stones go flying as little feet pound down the shingle drive way .‚.…
Stop, pick some up, throw them in the air watch them fall.‚.…
Brushing particles of stones and flying dirt from a happy face.‚.…
Turning back shouting .‚.“Come on, come on .‚.….‚.”
Stop again lifting flap of the mail box yelling .‚...‚.“No mail .‚.….‚.”

Crunch goes those same stones as the buggy wheels roll down the drive.‚.…
.‚.“Wait at the gate, don.‚.’t go on the road.‚.….‚.”
.‚.“We.‚.’re tuming Tarl, we.‚.’re tuming .‚.… No nail.‚.… no go on road Tarl.‚.” echoes a little voice.
.‚.“Mind you don.‚.’t slip on those stones.‚.….‚.”
And the little voice from the buggy repeats .‚.“Don.‚.’t slip.‚.….‚.”

.‚.“Wow! Look at that at the Servo.‚.….‚.” finger pointing at the big Gas Tanker
.‚.“Why.‚.’s that fence got pictures on?.‚.”
.‚.“Why they selling their house?.‚.”
.‚.“I.‚.’ll buy it when I.‚.’m big!.‚.”
.‚.“Live by Granddad.‚.….‚.”

.‚.“The people are selling their house....‚.”
.‚.“I don.‚.’t know why.‚.….‚.”
The voice from the buggy echoes.‚.…
.‚.“ Wow.‚.…! Why.‚.…? .‚..Why.‚.…? .‚..Me get big.‚.….‚.”
Her little face turns around looking up .‚.“Live by you Niss.‚.”

Stopping outside by the Dairy door.‚.…
.‚.“I.‚.’m hot can I have an ice block?.‚.”
Taking off his hat.‚.…
.‚.“Lollies and some chips Niss?.‚.”
.‚.“Mum lets me.‚.….‚.”

.‚.“Me hot.‚.… Me want ice block.‚.… Lollies.‚.… Chips too.‚.”
.‚.‘We.‚.’ll get some chips, You can have some lollies on the way home.‚.”
Little voice echoes .‚.“On the way home.‚.”
.‚.“There.‚.’re ice blocks at home for after lunch.‚.”
From the buggy .‚.“Mum lets us.‚.….‚.”

Yelling, running, almost tripping.‚.…
.‚.“I can see the river now!.‚.”
Stops at the Lane waiting.‚.…
.‚.“I like Mike!.‚.”
Looks back .‚.“Come on you two.‚.”. He yells.‚.…

.‚.‘Slow down you.‚.’re going to fall.‚.”
.‚.“Me see the river.‚.”
.‚.“Stop at the Lane Carl! Granddad.‚.’s friend Mike lives down Kohuhu Lane.‚.”
.‚.“Me like Mike too.‚.”
.‚.“You.‚.’d better hold on to the buggy now, we.‚.’ve to cross that big road over there.‚.….‚.”

Across the main New Brighton road, over the bridge and we.‚.’re at the Avon River to feed the Ducks.‚.… and Sea Gulls.‚.… and Fantails and any other birds who wish to dine off stale bread thrown by little hands for their fare.

.‚..POM, CARL & CRYSTAL :lol:

Foot Note
Shingle = Shale (very small stones)
Buggy, or Stroller = Pushchair
Gas Tanker = Petrol Tanker
Servo = Petrol Station
Dairy = Corner shop (sells just about everything)
Ice Block = Ice Lolly
Lollies = Sweets
Chips = Potato Crisps

Almost everyone.‚.’s Mail boxes are at their front gates here in NZ and when selling their houses, people put photos of the inside and back garden areas of their home on placards fixed to the front fence.

John Young

master brummie
Ooooh Pom

:) What a lovely format,,style of writing to walk through WITH You :lol:

Understood, reminisced Every word, Birds,bees,trees, These Please :roll:
Rememberance Mist, Sun kissed, Badly Missed :( WILL Return One day J & M x

Dorothy Dodson

The litle angels

Ahhh - what a lovely word picture - loved it loved it loved it - 8)

Kids dont ya love em?