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A Sad Day


master brummie
We were hoping someone might take her privateley. She has been seen by a rehoming Kennel rep(s). She is in and out of temporary kennels at the moment. A relative tried her with their old bitch - it was hate at first sight, indoors and outdoors. She would probably try and eat the cat, Eric. She came in to the family home as a young adult. My friend's son took her from a squat. He came back home on condition he was allowed to keep his dog. The irony is he has settled down with someone nice and has a toddler and a new baby and they don't want/can't have the dog. The dog is frightened of loud noises and fireworks, walks on the lead, is wary of strange men, including me......and very proctective of her vunerable mistress. Thank you Jean.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Nico I do hope it turns out well for all concerned. It must be a worry for her poorly owners. Eric I am sure you will find your new dog when you come back off your holidays. Bet it is Malta?.


master brummie
On the same vein our 91 year old neighbour has been looking after his friend's dog who is doubtful to ever come out of hospital. He has a young long legged collie with odd coloured eyes. The dog has really settled in and it gets our neighbour out and about. I still think about my dog. I was in my late 20's when we had him put to sleep. He even came back to us on and off. Not sure what you all beleive in. I have an open mind.