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A Sad Day


master brummie
Today I had to put my 15 year old dog Sam to sleep whom I had for over 13 years, I feel so sad and the house seems so empty, apart from my 16 year old cat Sooty. Eric Sam sleeping.jpgSam sleeping.jpg


So so sorry to read this Eric our pets are so special in our lives.


Staff member
eric i am so sorry to hear about sam..i know just have much you loved him...you gave him a loving home for many years so try and take some comfort from this...

take care

lyn x


master brummie
Hard to bear Eric. We have had to overcome this many times over the years, most recently just over a year ago. Our sincere thoughts are with you.

brenda barr

master brummie
eric,only ones who have gone through such grief knows what your going through, we had to put to sleep our daschund Fritz to sleep last august and it was a terrible day, he was put out of his pain and that did help a little,just remember all the good times you had with Sam memories are a healer god bless...Brenda


Super Moderator
Staff member
i'm sorry to hear about sam. I know how much a loyal dog can mean, and it is so diificult when something like this happens


master brummie
Thank you all for sympathetic messages. It was only 16 months yesterday that I also lost my other dog AnnaMy dogs Sam and Anna.JPGEric


master brummie
Eric, I am so sorry you have had to say goodbye to your lovely dog Sam. I find it heartbreaking to lose pets so I understand how upset you must be. 15 is a good age for a dog - it shows what a happy life Sam had with you.
If I remember right Sam was in one of your paintings - it was one of my favourites - walking along a path in woods I think.
Thinking of you at this sad time x


master brummie
That's the one Eric. I think it's lovely - the colours, the reflections in the puddles, the sun coming through the trees and of course Sam enjoying a walk. A lovely painting and happy memories for you Eric x


master brummie
Eric, it is so sad to hear this, and there is little another person can do to help. That being said...the picture says it all. The walks...what's not to like for a dog. You gave him a great life. Take care.

paul stacey

master brummie
Just read your thread Eric, I am very sorry for the loss of your dear friend, our pets really are like family to most of us. Regards, Paul Stacey.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Eric I am so sorry about the sad loss of Sam. What wonderful lives your Anna and Sam had thanks to yourself. Take care. Jean.:strawberry:


New Member
Eric so so sorry you have had to say goodbye to Sam I'm sure he was a
treasured friend. The memories you had with him will stay with you forever xx