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A poem for my Dad


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
A poem for my Dad

My Dad he was a lovely man
I'll tell you a little about him if I can.
He liked to have a lot of fun
This did not always please my Mom.
He was almost blind, but he could see
Making people laugh was the way to be.
He played the piano in Brummie pubs
This helped to clothe and feed his cubs.
With Dad on the piano and his mate Jock on accordion and spoons
They would give our neighbours somel good dance tunes.
When times were tough, or times were hard
He'd make his own brew down our back yard.
He was a VILLA fan through and through
Although could just take 'The Blues' like a number of you.
Now for my Dad please don't shed tears
'cause he's been gone a great number of years.
I know that sounds a long time dead
But I still remember him, with love inside my head.


Brilliant memories of your dad Chris, your poem paints a smashing picture.... The bit about the spoons and piano brings back memories for me of social nights at the CD in Belmont Row, where my dad would sing and play one of those Bass boxes made from a T Chest and Broomstale.


A truly touching account of your father. Thank you for sharing it.


As with all of us
How can you be dead if someone remembers you?
Great poem :smitten:


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:angel: Jerry and Rod that's my way of thinking too!

Thanx to you all for the nice comments :smitten: