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A new way to pay for that bus journey!


master brummie
Just to make certain of the facts you have to use a swift card for the journey https://www.swiftcard.org.uk/swift-card.aspx#1104
so yes it is like the Oyster card in London, I wonder why they did not try the same system in Brum so that there would be the Oyster card in two city's or am I being to logical

There will be soon a new way to pay for the bus ride, https://www.flickr.com/photos/dofartshavelumps/16691372213/ As I under stand it a ticket can be paid using a credit card? I would think that this will not be of much use to those who have a free bus pass,


master brummie
Yes, if we are in London and travel by bus we would show our National Senior's Bus Pass to the driver. The Oyster card will cover the underground, Croydon tram link, overground rail journeys in London, as well as buses. The Oyster card is of course not free to use, needs to be topped up regularly and can be used by all age groups. The option of using a swipe credit card is also being introduced. Dave


Lubrication In Moderation
My wife and I have got Oyster cards, we top them up on line before we go to London to see our son. No hassle with tube tickets.
I see Swift are not valid on National express buses yet?

A Sparks

master brummie
My free bus pass doesn't scan on the buses in London, I have to show it to the driver.

That's interesting, I have problems getting the Birmingham buses to register my London pass! It will go but I have to press really hard on the reader. They obviously use a different system.