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A Name Puzzle

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I had, may still have, twin cousins, I've been looking for them in the various record searches.
I found cousin Ken Gibson born last quarter of 1935 in Birmingham but couldn't find his twin sister Alma Gibson, after spending many hours searching I think I found her listed as Elina R Gibson, the dates and locations fit but I'm mystified by the name, she's always been Alma to us.

I wonder if it's mis-transcribed, how would I get to look at the original?


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There is a private 'Hales' family tree on Ancestry with an Elma Rose Gibson mother Butler b 1935
if 'in' was mistaken for 'm' it would make sense.
As for always calling her Alma, I have a cousin Alaine but we say Elaine it being the more usual spelling
Elma Rose Gibson married Kevin Hales in 1961.
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Eric Gibson

master brummie
Thanks for that Alberta, I had a feeling that maybe something like that had happened, I'll have a look at the Hales tree.
Alma -Elma maybe it's just a matter of us not ever seeing it written down.