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A grand night for Blues.


master brummie
I wonder how many old Blue-noses out there, recall that it is 36 years today, that Blues won promotion from Div,2, to Div.1. The match was the much talked about game at Leyton Orient, where we won 1-0, thanks to a headed goal by Bob Latchford. It was the same match that the Millwall ( so called fans ), tried to disrupt the match on a couple of occasions, to deny us the victory, so that they would go up instead. You will no doubt recall there was a bomb scare at the game, and the Police and stewards tried in vain to clear the ground, but to no avail. The bomb went off, but I never heard of anyone being injured. There was no way any single Blues fan was going to leave the ground when we had just gained promotion. Just thought I would share that with you, as we dont have a lot to shout about at present. Barry.


Exiled Brummie
Yes, I was there as I was living "darn sarf" for a few years. Still had my Blues season ticket and used to drive up for the home games and stay overnight with Mom & Dad. (Will I be renewing this time? Who knows:()


master brummie
I have just read the Toronto Star this morning and there is talk about the Premiership being the best league in the world. Frankly I don't see it. Two premiership teams are playing in Moscow for the whatever cup, to be sure, but how many of the teams players even qualify to play for the UK in world soccer. A few teams have wads of foreign money to flash about and are perrenial top rankers. The rest of the teams in the Premiership are there for them to beat up on. Frankly I would much prefer a league with more even teams, even if the foreign players were not there. Why not use British players only from the UK and to this end, raise the level of pay to lesser known players whilst reducing the offerings to celebrities. Let's face it non of them will go hungry even if a sallary cap is brought in.
What do the majority of supporters have to look forward to? Is it only at best, mediocre middle of the table ranking or wow! as stated on TV here, the thrills and excitement of avoiding relegation. This struggle being more interesting than the race between the perrenial two or three rich teams who might win it all. IMO the home grown game using citizen players is far more important than 'best in world' and perhaps the leagues should have the confidence to go that route. What does the rest matter if the enthusiasm of the local club football fans is largely lost for the sake of the existance of a very few super clubs. I notice that we have a new TV phenomina now...the mug shot of the expression on the team manager's face after an event on the field. This would be mostly 'wan' for our guy.
Maybe the Premiership should consist of the few rich high sallary paying teams, perhaps five or six, who would just play each other again and again through the season. Much as North American Hocky used to be and still largely is. The 'real' competitive soccer would be played in the divisions with an eye to even competition one way or another. Perhaps then the Premiership teams would all try to be relegated to the first division... to relieve the 'boredom' of sameness and the fact that a win was not always on the cards. Hmmm...maybe they would only be allowed to go down if the division winners agreed to go up. Hmmm..Any way, I hope the Blues escape relegation and come back next year with a rededicated approach. I am pulling for them as usual.
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