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A Couple of Photo Of Brum In The Daily Mail Today

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Blimey Alf the Bank of England building was lucky. Great photo's and will take another look through when we are at the van. If my dongle permits. Jean.


master brummie
Did you also see in the Daily Mail. 'Cameron considers reintroducing the 'money back bottle'. They say history repeats itself, this should bring a smile to all of us of a certain age. 1d for the pop bottle or jam jar.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
No I didn't I thought about it and thought about I might have trawl through 100s of posts, but well spotted, by the way Aidan I do it from time to time.:D


master brummie
Here is a few photo's taken in Brum showing the devistation of the WW2 Bombings

Brummies Celebrating VE Day
in the streets of Birmingham


The shattered Frontages of shops in Spiceal St
showing the corner of Edgbaston St. You can see
the sign of jones outfitters shop hanging. also showing Browns
shoe shop on the corner of Edgbaston St.


Gutted Building in Edgbaston St, also showing
whats left of the Wagon and Horses pub.
The narrow alley leads upto the Old Market Hall


Regards Stars



These were on the Daily Mail web-page as well.
The top one is Newton Street in 1941, and the bottom one is St. Georges in !940. This is by all accounts where the Birmingham Mail depot was, along with their garage in 1940.