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A company of tanks


master brummie
Thanks for this, Mike.

I couldn't get the book to download to my Kindle but I notice it's cheap as chips on ebooks so I'll pick it up from there.


master brummie
There is a programme called Calibre, free to download, that will convert most formats to Kindle Fire. You may be able to use that. Not the easiest to use but ok with a bit of experimenting.


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Calibre will also enable you to read other formats , like e-Pub etc . I usually save any interesting-looking gutenberg books asb e-pubs , and then read on my laptop using Calibre.


master brummie
I'm reading a great book at the moment, (kindle), called "Diary of an Old Contemptible". I recommend it.
The book is edited from the writings of a soldier in the East Lancs regt.
I usually read books about the Western Front but this one dwells mainly on Mesopotamia which the writer, who was also in France, maintains was worse than Ypres.
The Warwicks get a few mentions too, 9 Battalion.