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Today I raise a mug of coffee to celebrate

My father's 120th Birthday
Henry ("Harry"), born 22nd November 1899 at 38 Summer Lane, Birmingham

- Who 115 years ago was photographed with his mother and sister


- Who knew his grandfather, also Henry, born in 1832, photographed in Birmingham in 1874, 15 years after his return from California and the Gold Rush, probably without any gold....


- Who also knew, of course, his father Charles, born 1866 at 3 Monmouth Street, Birmingham


- Who didn't know at that time Freda Elsie, born 1899 at 10 Court 5, Great Colmore Street, Birmingham


- Who, 103 years ago, volunteered for the Royal Naval Air Service but didn't have good enough eyesight and so, 102 years ago, joined a Scottish Highland Regiment


- Who was wounded in France, was sent back home and after recovery ended up after the Armistice at a barracks in Edinburgh to await demob 100 years ago. And while there, both photographed the lads and lassies who were his friends and was photographed by them


- Who courted Freda Elsie and married her in Harborne 98 years ago


- Who spent the 1920s and 1930s, with all their hardships, creating homes in Selly Oak, then Erdington and finally Streetly; and helping to create three children to fill them.
- Who worked hard, first at Elliotts Metals, Selly Oak and later at Kynoch, Witton and was photographed on a business trip with a fellow Brummie and their Brummie car on a continental street - Two Birmingham Businessmen in Berlin, which reminds us a little about the horrors of 20th century European history through which he lived


- Who 79 years ago answered the call again and created a Home Guard platoon which defended Little Aston

- Who 77 years ago waved off his elder son to fight in another German war


Who 58 years ago retired and enjoyed 13 years of leisure during which, 47 years ago, he celebrated his Golden Wedding Anniversary


Who passed away 45 years ago last month and is now responsible for seven great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren (so far), not one of whom lives within 30 miles of the city and most of whom have never visited it.

And who is always remembered.​
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Wish i had some of my family from way back, nearest i have is a old faded copy of my parents wedding 1940.s and a photo of my dad about 1944