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A Bridge Too Far


master brummie
A few weeks ago I watched the film again on cable, when you see almost everyone walking and talking
with mobile phones, it is hard to believe the the Paras could not get one radio set to work after the drop.
Would it have made any difference to result of the battle, I doubt it, Boy Browning should have called it
off after what the Dutch told them about the Panzers rearming in the area. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Bernard, I believe that this was the bridge at Arnhem. In 1967 I moved to Hilversum in Holland and my favourite cycle training ride was out to the German border then follow the Rhine river to the bridge at Arnhem then head back home to Hilversum, a mere 180 mile round trip. The life of a cyclist is hard and it was often a bridge too far for my poor legs.:skull:.




master brummie
Operation Market garden was a hastily put together operation (by Monty) to try to finish the war by Christmas.

Whereas D Day took years to put together Market Garden was done in weeks, a woefully short time.

It was also a very risky operation as it relied on the one single road, which the Germans protected with all their strength.

While Market Garden was generally considered a failure, Monty went to his grave defending it, which lost him many friends and supporters.

Some feel the whole operation was an attempt by Monty for "glory", to take some of the spotlight away from Patton.