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A breath of Fresh Air. ( with a little liquid fermentation ).

Roy Blakey

master brummie
Dear mhemery. Not quite friend. There was another supply waiting down at the B&B for the next days march.
Best Wishes.


master brummie
Great painting Roy, Wonderful composition and skilfully painted. Congratulations. Nice to see other members Artwork. Eric


OldBrit in Exile
s painting Cornwall 1950s 001.jpgI did this on holiday in Cornwall when I was about 13 yrs old. John Crump OldBrit. Parker, Colorado USA


master brummie
Great paintings both. The first is just like the many scenes in 'Last Of The Summer Wine', to me anyway. A great favourite of ours...a refreshing change from the 'blood guts and gore' of modern mindless TV. Which one is chosen for the crazy stunts?


master brummie
old brit, you have certainly captured the steepness of the street (far from easy). Pretty good for a 13 yo, a little tuition in tone would help. Eric