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A Brave Young Man


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
A Brave Young Man

A brave young man was called upon at just 18 to fight
His peers all gathered around as instructed they were told
How to fire their rifles and to charge with bayonets and be bold
All filled with enthusiasm they took their instructions to heart

Our brave young man was not to reach the battlefields off shore
His battle was to be much closer to home than that
For during that intense training and with boys without fears
He received a fatal wound inflicted by the bayonet of one of his friendly peers
For 14 days he clung to life… like a limpet to rocks to survive

However like many brave young soldiers who are willing our wars to fight
His life was extinguished and his memory to be lost in time
“Now don’t worry any more young Rupert for I will remember”
This brave young man… a boy I never knew for he was one of mine…

Pom :angel: