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85 francis road hay mills

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master brummie
Would it be possible to find out who lived at this property during 1891,1901 and 1911?
Also any electoral register entries for this address during 1900s?
Any info would be helpful,
Many thanks


master brummie
Gave wrong info prev:)

85 Francis Rd Yardley (worcs) Hay Mill - George H Appleby B1867 Bham Labourer Bedstead works
Clara Appleby b1867 Bham - wife



gone but not forgotten
hi ray ;
i think you will find bedstead works is still there just around the corner from spedwell rd and francis rd just as you turn onto kings rd tysely
its almost opersite the old corporation works depot and its on the bridge of the cannal that runs down behind speedwell rd
and you will find a bed making company operates within it and t6hey are called dreamland beds or words t that effect
and there sign of there company is visable to see above and also the wording of bedstead works best wishes astonian ;;


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For 1911
I presume this is the Francis Road listed as acocks green . If so occupants of 85 were :
George Islip 34 head brickyard labourer married 10 years Born Saltley
Rosannah Islip 31 wife 5 children, 4 living, one died born Bournheath, worcester
George Islip 7 son born Greet , Worcester
Harry Irlip 7 son born Bournheath, worcester
Lilly Rose Islip 5 daughter born Acocks Green
Lenord (sic) Islip 2 son, born Acocks Green

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master brummie
My interest is in the Hudson family.
I believe they lived at no85 sometime from1910ish.
I am trying to find out when they moved in, who was born there and when they left.
Thanks for 1901 info Suzanne - I now know they were elsewhere in 1910.
Thanks astonian for the info on the area - it makes it all more interesting.
Thanks for your info too Mikejee -but I think the Francis Road I need is definately in Hay Mills - as described by astonian.
I hope someone can help with 1912 onwards maybe with the electoral registers.
Many thanks again


master brummie
1918 Absent Voters List. 85 Francis Road, Small Heath Ward.

William Hudson 34646 Pte 2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire Regt.

And again on the 1919 Absent Voters List, but this time voting district shown as Yardley (still same address)



master brummie
Hi Sue

1912 - 85 (& 35 listed under "Abode/Other Info) Francis Rd - Yardley Ward. William HODSON
1918 - 85 Francis Rd, Small Heath Ward - William Hudson - 34646, Pte, 2 RWR
1919 - 85 Francis Rd, Yardley Ward - William Hudson -
34646, Pte, 2 RWR
1920 - As above - William & ELiza Hudson
1922 - all as above
1925 - all as above
1927 - all as above
1930 - all as above
1935 - William Hudson
1939 - William & Eliza Hudson & John Hudson
1945 - 74 Manor Farm Rd Acocks Green - William, Eliza, John & Annie Hudson & George Bowen
1947 -As above address- Annie Bowen, George Bowen, William, Eliza & John Hudson
1950 - As above - William, Eliza & John Hudson & George & Annie Bowen
1955 - as above - William , Eliza & John Hudson



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master brummie
Hi All,
Having spoken to a family member it now appears that a Hudson family were also living at no 29 Francis Road - but no-one seems to know who they were!
Would anyone be able to look up the records from1910 to 1955 for me please, your other information really was a great help,
Many thanks


master brummie

I can only see one entry on the rolls for a Hudson at 29 Francis Rd, Yardley and that is a Harry Hudson in 1912



master brummie
Sorry Sue

The 1912 roll would only show the house holder so to speak and women couldn't vote until later years (someone else may let you know the formalites of voting requirements). He wasn't there in 1911 though as the Adams family :) were at that address. If you find out anyone else in his family it may help find where he/they were after that.