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75 Moseley Road


knowlegable brummie
Can anyone tell me when H Roland White was working as a photographer at the above address please? I have a photo from his studio there I'd like to get a rough date for.


true brummie
in 1892 kellys - Roland White Photographer 175 Moseley rd.
in 1896 kellys - Roland White Photographer 359 Moseley rd
in 1903 kellys - Henry Roland White photographer 518 Coventry rd. and 359 Moseley rd.
in 1904 kellys - Henry Roland White photographer 359 Moseley rd.
in 1908 kellys - Henry Roland White photographer 359 Moseley rd.


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To narrow it down slightly more (I assume age of the photo has made 175 look like 75), Roland is not listed in 1890 ( and no 175 serves another purpose in that year) , and is listed as at 359 in 1895. I should point out that this was not a move, but was caused by a renumbering of the road, but presumably the photographer would have wanted an accurate address, even if it was the same building


knowlegable brummie
Yes, I've found another photo which confirms the address should be 175 - on the front of the card stock the 1 is almost obscured by decoration, but it's clear on the back. So that's 2 photos I can feel confident date to between 1891 and 1894/5. Wonderful! Now to work out who the people are - one is a baby which might be easier! Thank you!!