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6/123 Sherbourne Road, Birmingham


Brummie babby

I've recently started researching my family and discovered my Grandparents, father and Aunt lived at 6 back of 123 Sherborne Street, Birmingham in 1951.

Just wondered if anyone had a map of the street / housing?

Maybe even remember them?

They were:-
Joe and Caroline Connell
Peter and Sandra Connell. (kids).




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Are you sure that it is not 6 back 123 Sherbourne Road? The 1950 map of Sherborne St shows a factory where this would have been. But at Sherbourne road there is such a house. In 1950 and 1952 it was occupied by Joseph & Caroline Connell


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Very easy mistake to make.
Below is a map c 1950 showing 6 back Sherbourne Road in blue
map c1950. Showing 6 back 123 sherbourne Road.jpg