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3rd bat worcestershire reg


gone but not forgotten
i have just obtained one of my relatives WW1 WILL
and it says he died at LINDENHOEK 12th of march 1915
would anyone be able to tell me where about LINDENHOEK WAS IN FRANCE a map would be great if you can help
thank you josie


By the way it is in Belgium.

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gone but not forgotten
hi bernard
didnt expect a reply that quick thank you very much
trust me to get it wrong never was any good at places


master brummie


gone but not forgotten
posting file it says he died at lindenhoek
but he is on the menin gate memorial there is no grave for himgarrat.jpg


gone but not forgotten
thank you all for your help
brummie nick what a lovely keepsake
farmer dave thank you for the link such a lot of young men died
the sad thing about titus m garrat is that he died on the 12th march 1915 and is daughter was born on the 29 march 1915
in his letter home he says he is trying to send his ring home for the baby that i find very sad and that he asks his wife to send him some smokes josie
garrat (5).jpggarrat (5).jpg