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2nd Jan 1941 Bombing of White Street Sparkbrook


Brian Coney

My Grandmother lived in White Street at the begining of the war. Her house was completely destroyed during the blitz. I do not know the date, but have found details of the bombing of Alfred Rd, about 2 streets away on 2nd Jan 1941 and presume White Street was destroyed at the same time. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know if there are details of what areas were destroyed in what raids?
Thank you
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Bombing of Sparkbrook

My auntie, Florence Inchly, was in her cellar during the Alfred Road bombing and was, so I was told, trapped for nearly two weeks.

Brian Coney

THe Blitz

I don't think we have a clue as to what they went through. My Nan was lucky in that She and Grandad were at the cinema (or so family knowledge tells us) and no one else was in the house. However, everything was destroyed. No papers or personal possessions left. I've known the story for years, but until the last of that generation died, didn't think to ask for the details!!Now I am trying to discover the family history
Thanks for sharing your information