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29th US Army Trebah

mike jenks

master brummie

Just back from Newquay. Took some time to get Started.
I was determined to have a complete rest whilst on Holiday
and for a week I did.
Out of the blue my cousin advised us for a day out at Trebah
Well there we were a wonderful place with a beach at the bottom.
There it was the momorials to the 29th US Army who left there for
Omaha beach.
Spent a bit of time preparing a little write up on them.
Not many of these guy's came back.

Mike Jenks


master brummie
Thanks Mike, for the information and pictures. Very interesting.
I will never forget, and I don't think my children will ever forget the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Americans in helping the British defeat Germany.

By the way, have you watched the mini-series "Band of Brothers"

(Mike, I have ommited mention of the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, South Africans, and Indians, to name but a few, only because mention of their substantial contributions and sacrifice is not the subject of this thread).

Beryl M

The cost of victory was terrible from D-Day to August 23 150,000 troops stormed Normandy beaches. About 2,500 GI's died on the beaches and 2,600 paratroopers died. And 3,100 Germans died.

Casualties on the British beaches were roughly 1000 on Gold Beach and the same number on Sword Beach.
The casualties at Utah Beach were relatively light: 197, including 60 missing. However, the US 1st and 29th Divisions together suffered around 2000 casualties at Omaha Beach.

Canadian casualties 18,444 with 5,021 killed. Was it worth? Was it worth the death and maiming the shattered hopes, the ruination of lives? There can only be one answer that Hitler and his Nazis were a monstrous evil that had to be destroyed, and the Allies had to invade France to do so. As a partner in the war on freedom Canadians had to carry their share of the burden. And they did. The liberation of France was an Allied victory on which Canadians did their full part. Freedom survived. Was it worth it? Oh Yes!