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1939 Register Look Up

Eric Gibson

master brummie
There are many mis-transcribed entries in the register so it's possible that your No 9 was just missed out.
The row of houses where I was born were given the name of the cul-de-sac just prior on the list so looking for my family drew a blank until I delved further.


Staff member
hi eric...its ok as it was no 5 where mom was born and 15 where my aunt lived..if you look at this map of paddington st there is just a gap where no 9 would have been..think my aunt who lived at no 15 said it was a coalyard


Eric Gibson

master brummie
My problem was all the houses in Hurlingham Road from 80 up to 94 were listed as being in Leyton Grove, I reported it but I haven't looked at it again to see if it's been corrected.
There were other mistakes too but my memory's gone now on what they were. :(


Ex-pat Brummie

True, and the indexing is not very good, either by name or by street. But it was supposed to have been done on 29th September 1939. That's an awful lot of visiting by enumerators. Or did people fill in forms and just hand them over? The images we see could be of handwritten transcriptions by the enumerators from forms. If so, what happened to the forms?
But it's the only released listing we have for this period, so I guess we just have to be grateful. :)



master brummie
In 1940 Kelly's no 11 (Geo Davis) is a coal dealer so it is likely that where no 9 should be was his yard. Looks as if it had been a coal yard for a long time - listed as one in 1900. Also 1890.
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